PETA FAIL, yet again

3 06 2009

PETA is exploiting Dr. George Tiller’s recent murder and launched a completely callous and offensive ad campaign in Wichita, Kansas:

pro choice

pro life

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?  PETA is consistently offensive and insensitive, hoping that shock value will gain sympathy for or legitimize their cause.  I am a vegetarian and oppose animal cruelty, but I cannot stand PETA.  I do not believe that the means justifies the ends.  Exploiting Dr. Tiller’s murder (many people are still in mourning and his loss has been a blow to the feminist community) and employing racism and sexism in their marketing campaigns is just wrong.

There are more tactful, appropriate and effective ways to go about promoting vegetarianism/veganism.  You don’t have to capitalize off tragic events or reproduce oppressive constructions that further marginalize the marginalized to push for an end to animal cruelty.  PETA mistakenly seems to believe that any kind of attention is good and that by shocking and outraging they are gaining more support.  Wrong and wrong again.

According to Lindsay Rajt, the campaign manager:

The discussion of the value of life is front and center right now in the public conversation.  We think we would be irresponsible if we don’t talk about how we’re all guilty of extreme cruelty to animals every time we sit down to a meal that includes meat.

WTF?  How can you compare or equate a cold-blooded murder of a man so deeply committed to women’s health  and health care, a man who dedicated his life to helping women in need  in spite of continuous violence and threats, to animal cruelty?  A good man was just murdered and PETA shamelessly views this as an opportunity?  It’s sickening and vomit inducing.

This ridiculous ad campaign, like so many of their previous ad campaigns, is devaluing and disrespectful to life – funny for an organization who is supposedly committed to respecting all life.  PETA, have you absolutely no common human decency or basic respect and courtesy?  Apparently not.



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4 06 2009

This is well written and thought provoking. Thanks.

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