Take Action!

5 06 2009

Here are two good petitions circulating that you should sign:

Human Rights First has a We Can End Torture campaign:

Tell President Obama: We need a non-partisan inquiry to make sure we don’t repeat past mistakes

The recent reports on torture and President Obama’s comments have set the wheels in motion—but we need your help to keep up the momentum towards a full reckoning on the United States’ use of torture.

Human Rights First and other leading human rights organizations have created a joint petition that calls on President Obama to set up a nonpartisan inquiry to evaluate the full cost of abuses, look at how we got there, and come up with safeguards so we don’t repeat the same mistakes. The U.S. needs to invest in a forward-looking strategy on intelligence gathering that gives interrogators training and guidance on which techniques work, and which techniques – such as torture — don’t.

Momentum is on our side – please let the Obama administration know that the public wants the truth about torture. Our national security depends on it.

Planned Parenthood has a Health Care Reform campaign too:

It’s a simple fact that is ignored far too often: for three million women, men, and teens, Planned Parenthood affiliate health centers are not just a place to go for birth control, sex education, or other reproductive care.  For these people, Planned Parenthood affiliate health centers are the only accessible source for health care, period.

That’s why Planned Parenthood must be an essential part of any health care reform.  Our affiliate health centers are already serving the communities most in need of a system that works.  Health center staff understand the issues these women and families face, they hear their stories, they see them everyday.

The fact is, nobody else can speak for the women, men, and teens Planned Parenthood health centers serve quite like we can – and we need lawmakers to listen.  Please help by signing our petition now.



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