Hooray for Sarah Lawrence College!

6 06 2009

I read on the SAFER Blog that as of Monday June 1st, Sarah Lawrence College officially launched their new Sexual Assault and Harassment Policy!  Congratulations to the student activists who’ve been working so hard for the past few years to enact this positive change!  This is uplifting and inspiring news which is direly needed after hearing about the sicko who used Craigslist to arrange for his wife to be raped in front of him.  But back to the more celebratory news about Sarah Lawrence, these are the highlights of their new policy:

  • separate policies for faculty/staff and students that acknowledge the different nature of these two constituencies
  • redefinition of prohibited behaviors into three categories: sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault
  • clear and understandable language and format
  • an emphasis in the student policy on education, health, and safety
  • clear definition of “consent” in the student policy
  • simplified explanation of how to obtain support on and off campus
  • newly designed procedures for filing complaints that make the process easier to understand and navigate
  • clear designation of which faculty, administrative and staff positions are confidential reporters and which are non-confidential reporters
  • clear explanation for faculty/staff about what to do when they receive a report about sexual harassment, misconduct or assault from a student or a colleague
  • newly defined statement about relationships between students and employees
  • revised sanctions that are aligned with prohibited behaviors

Congratulations again to the dedicated student activists!!  Activist victories are always noteworthy and admirable.  Hopefully we will see good changes to Tufts’ Sexual Assault Policy soon too.



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