Food production, “Food miles” and greenhouse gas emissions

8 06 2009

Via Sociological Images:

Christopher L. Weber and H. Scott Matthews authored a report Food-Miles and the Relative Climate Impacts of Food Choices in the United States.  It appeared in Environmental Science and Technology in April 2008.  It “compares greenhouse gas emissions associated with food production against long-distribution food distribution, aka ‘food miles'”.  The following chart shows the greenhouse gas emissions associated with household food consumption, like red meat, oils/sweets/condiments, fruits/vegetables, dairy products, chicken/fish/eggs, cereals/carbs, beverages, and miscellaneous products:


This chart illustrates that food production accounts for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions.  The report encourages us to be mindful about our food consumption choices.

Monday Blogaround

8 06 2009

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