This is a tragedy

9 06 2009

Dr. George Tiller’s murder was a truly sad and devastating loss for many of us.  This is even more tragic.

According to Dr. Tiller’s family, Women’s Health Care Services, Inc., the place where Dr. Tiller performed abortions prior to his murder last Sunday, will be closing permanently.  Not only have we lost one of our most dedicated and compassionate abortion providers, but now we have also lost one of our only clinics that offered and performed life-saving late abortions.  (Though many abortion clinics provide late term abortions, Dr. Tiller’s clinics is one of the only clinics that performed abortions as late as they did.)

Of course this is the work of violent anti-choicers who have consistently harassed, assaulted and terrorized Dr. Tiller and his clinic.  Dr. Tiller courageously persevered despite physical and verbal harassment, threats, intimidation, bombings, vandalism, and shooting.   What it finally took was to murder Dr. Tiller and just get him out of the way.

Randall Terry, the founder of the original Operation Rescue group, responded to this news with “Good riddance” and said that “history would remember Tiller’s clinic as it remembers Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps.”  (What an accurate comparison, eh?  An abortion clinic and Nazi concentration camps?  Pshht.  Those anti-choicers.)

Now that the clinic will be shut down for good, women in need have even fewer resources than they once had.  Many more women will have to pay more for and work harder to find necessary care.  As a result, many women may face more barriers or may even be unable to receive the care they need.