“The Natural Look Is Back!”

14 06 2009

Found this gem on Vintage Ads

nipple bra

Don’t get me wrong.  I love not wearing a bra.  It’s a lot more comfortable for me and I’m really flat chested and don’t really get any “support” from bras anyway.  But why would a woman need to simulate not wearing a bra with fake nipples?  All the countless advertisements for padded bras seem to tell women that our breasts are never good enough unless they are somehow perky, perfectly shaped, and the “right”  size (not too small, not too large).  Bras can definitely be more comfortable for some women, but I always thought of me going bra-less as a sort of rebellion against the impossible body standards in the media and society.

But these ads clearly tell women that bra-less is not really freeing, it’s a fashion statement.  The ad also seems to imply that women should look sexually aroused (hard-nippled), as objects of sexual desire.  The aroused look of hard nipples is being marketed as a style, while women are still encouraged to keep their breasts supported, not saggy.

Apparently, this fad hasn’t been completely replaced with the nipple-less push-up padded look.  Even now you can buy fake nipples.

nipple enhancers

“Women are showing off their breasts with pride!” says the site.  Maybe they should change that to “Women are showing off their (plastic manufactured false nippled) breasts (underneath a bra so that they don’t sag) with pride!”

“Give bodyperks a try – You’ll be amazed at the reaction,” claims the site.  Well, at least “bodyperks” go under the bra, so it isn’t so obvious that they are fake.  It would be quite hilarious to take off my shirt in a fitting room and watch peoples’ reactions to my “Nipple Bra.”



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