Bacardi Misogyny Makes Me Drink More Malibu

20 06 2009

via Jezebel:

Bacardi has a new promotional site through Tel Aviv ad agency McCann Digital for it’s Bacardi Breezers that is just disgustingly awful.  The site has been created in both English and Hebrew.

The idea behind the site, entitled “Get an Ugly Girlfriend!,” is that all that women have to do to look attractive is find a less attractive friend to accompany them to events.

The site stresses that women can find “ugly” friends to accompany them to the pool, the beach, the mall, or a barbeque.  The site suggests that with sexy fashion accessories, lots of Bacardi Breezers, and these “friends,” any woman can look hot.


Vomit, vomit, triple vomit.

To start us off with some fat-shaming there’s Sally:

Upgrade your trips to the beach with Sally — 97 kilograms of femininity, strength, and double chins.  No tire can disguise the lumpy rolls decorating that body.  Look your best in a bikini, without ever visiting the gym.


Next there’s  Daisy:

Daisy is perfect for BBQ with friends.  The aquiline nose and tangled eyebrows will make you the mosty desirable piece of meat around the grill.  Watching your weight?  One look at the pimpled shoulders, and your appetite is gone.

If being called a piece of meat and being encouraged to diet in unhealthy ways doesn’t make you want Bacardi, insulting another woman’s physical appearance is sure to make you need a drink.

Then, there’s Wendy:

Feel like getting wild on that upcoming summer fiesta?  Wendy is the right accessory for you!  Including horse-like features, a noticeable limp, and super-active sweat-glands.  Dance the night away, shaking that steaming booty of yours!

Wendy’s blurb combines ableism, objectification (she is literally an “accessory”), and beauty standards to the max.  The blurb even uses physical disability as an insult.  I’m actually surprised that Bacardi felt comfortable stooping so low.

And last but not least, we have Lucy, the “slightly cross-eyed,” overweight friend for the mall.

Lucy’s rubbing thighs, magically combined with a sticking out jaw and drooping breasts, will turn any trip to the mall into an unforgettable experience.  Shop like never before, with your own freckled pile of cellulite!


Hardy har har.  If the intention of the ad campaign was to gain attention, well done Bacardi.  You have certainly gained mine.  But playing on female stereotypes, misogyny, ableism, fatism, and standards of beauty is by no means funny and is downright insulting, not effective marketing.  Bacardi, you have officially lost my business.

UPDATE:  Apparently, the site has been taken down along with the minisite.



2 responses

20 06 2009

Ugh ugh ugh. Thanks for posting about this. I run feminist adbusting campaigns, and this one is my new target. I try to get as many people to contribute as possible. You can read more about it on my personal blog (linked above) or on the blog for Shameless Magazine. Please participate or spread the word to any other Photoshop junkies who might enjoy participating. I would love to hear from you!

24 06 2009

Thanks Michelle! Your blog looks awesome! Keep up the good work!

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