This is racist!

3 07 2009

I just read on Racialicious that Lisa Sheen, a Chinese American woman living in Flushing, Queens in New York, is suing a Flushing co-op board for trying to evict her and her family out of the building because they are Chinese.  In December 2004, she bought a sixth floor apartment for herself, her husband, and her two young daughters, and since then the members of her co-op board have made her miserable in both direct and indirect ways.

On Sheen’s application, she included her Chinese name, Shih Hung, and said that when she was filing her papers for an apartment in that co-op, its board of Mainstay Cooperative, Section One had a pending lawsuit (in the Queens Supreme Court) against them by a tenant for racial discrimination against Asians.

According to an article:

They waited months after she applied for an apartment to schedule her interview and then stonewalled her mortgage company until she lost its financing offer, according to legal papers.

When Sheen raised the money with the help of her employer, a real estate company, board members took a more active approach – telling her boss “to convince me to leave the building and move to the Chinese part of town,” she claims.

Boss Steve Silverberg wrote in a sworn affidavit that board members approached him during a visit to Sheen in February. They asked if he was Jewish, which he said he was. They told him “as a Jew, I should understand [that Sheen] should live with her people … in the Chinese area,” he said in legal papers.

Telling someone to go live with your people is just plain racist.  It’s a problem that this co-op board already has a pending racial discrimination lawsuit against them and now is being sued again for the same thing.



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