Where will you be on Monday, July 13th?

10 07 2009

An email alert I received from Massachusetts NOW (action alert for those of you in Massachusetts):

Mass. NOW is deeply supportive of rights for the transgender community.  One of our priority bills this session is “An Act Relative to Gender-based Discrimination and Hate Crimes”.  This legislation would insert “gender identity or expression” into the Massachusetts anti-discrimination and hate crimes law.

As if this lack of legal protection wasn’t bad enough, certain transphobic groups are spreading malicious, unfounded, and deeply damaging lies about this legislation and about transgender people.

These groups make the unsubstantiated claim that this bill will increase violence against women and children.  These groups falsely state that this bill will give male predators carte blanche to enter women’s bathrooms and commit a crime.  This is completely and utterly false, spreads transphobia, and is also a huge affront to the very real issue of violence against women and girls.

The blatant use of scare tactics shows that these groups have no shame in using violence against women and children as a tool to strike fear into the hearts of the public.  It is an outrage that these groups would make a mockery out of the serious, tragic issue of violence against women, while spreading fear against transgender individuals.

Mass. NOW will not be silent in the face of these lies.  We will stand together with our sister organizations this Monday to highlight the widespread support of women’s and children’s organizations for this common sense legislation.  Please join us.

On Monday, July 13th, Mass. NOW and our allied organizations are holding a press conference at the Grand Staircase in the Massachusetts State House, at 11:30 am.

We will state our support for the Transgender Rights bill and call the opposition out on their use of scare tactics.

Joining us are:
Jane Doe, Inc.
Mass Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
National Association of Social Workers, Massachusetts
Women’s Bar Association
League of Women Voters
Boston Commission on the Status of Women
Cambridge Commission on the Status of Women
and many more groups committed to the safety and health of women and children.

We ask you to take part of your lunch hour to stand with us at the State House in solidarity. We must show the media, the public, and the opposition that we will not be intimidated, that we will not let transphobia win, and that we will not allow the serious issue of violence against women and children to be used as a scare tactic.

For more information or to RSVP, please email Mass. NOW’s State Director and Lobbyist, Christina Knowles at christina@massnow.org or 617-254- 9130.