Action Alert from Planned Parenthood

12 07 2009

Via an email I received from Planned Parenthood:

We’ve been deeply concerned that women would be the first targets in health care reform and now it’s happened. Yesterday, anti-choice Senator Orrin Hatch launched an attack on Planned Parenthood and the U.S. senators who were trying to help women.

Earlier this week, Senator Mikulski of Maryland, joined by four other senators, offered an amendment to make sure that preventive care for women — like birth control and cancer screenings — is included in health care legislation. The amendment also made sure women and their families can still see the doctors and nurses they trust.

The amendment passed, and it was a strong victory for women’s health. And now the other side is trying their best to take it away.

Within hours, Senator Hatch and his allies started spreading lies. Their aim: to cut millions of women — and Planned Parenthood — out of health care reform. Their method: to mislead the media and Americans about what the amendment actually does. Instead of telling the truth, he claimed that it mandates abortion coverage in an attempt to drum up opposition. This is an outright lie — and we need your help to fight back.

Senator Hatch and his allies have made themselves clear. They believe that providing trusted and essential health care to millions of Americans is less important than pushing their anti-choice ideology.

They are wrong. Women’s health matters — it matters to me and I know it matters to you. Let’s show him just how wrong he is — take a moment right now to sign a petition to Senator Hatch.

It is truly outrageous. Senator Hatch and his anti-women’s health allies are willing to sacrifice the health care of so many women, men, and families for one reason — to undermine women’s ability to get preventive and primary reproductive health care.

The fact is that without genuine access to care, women’s health is in jeopardy. You and I know that, and that’s why we won’t accept health care reform that cuts out reproductive health care and women’s health providers like Planned Parenthood. Please, sign your name and make sure Senator Hatch gets the message.

This isn’t the first attack on women’s health and Planned Parenthood since the health care reform debate began — and you can bet it won’t be the last. Thank you for standing strong with us today, and please bear with us as we communicate with you frequently on this critical struggle.

Take action now and sign the petition demanding that Senator Hatch stop misleading the public, stop undermining women’s reproductive health and in turn the general health of women and their families.



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