Sadly unsurprising, but still upsetting

14 07 2009

On July 1st, the White House publicized a report delivered to Congress that lists every employee and his/her title and salary. Ariel over at Community Feministing has a great post that really breaks it down with a critical feminist lens and includes a chart of White House salary levels according to gender. The male/female ratio is pretty much 50/50 – 49.7% of White House staffers are women.

Unsurprisingly however, women working in the White House earn less than their male counterparts. How much less? $9,462 less. While the average salary for male employees is $82.020, the average salary for female employees is only $72,558. So in the White House, women are earning $.88 to the male dollar. Nationally, women make $.77 to the male dollar (yes the wage gap still exists).

When looking at median salaries, the median salary of a female White House employee is $57,129 whereas the median salary of a male White House employee is $67,059. And more women occupy lower paid positions than do men as evidenced in the graph below.


Thanks again Ariel for compiling and analyzing all this. The results were sadly unsurprising but still disappointing. It’s more proof of why feminism is still relevant and necessary.



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