Chris Broughton agrees with Pastor Anderson and wants Obama to die and go to hell

31 08 2009

Earlier, Pastor Drake prayed for Obama’s death on Fox News and now, Chris Broughton wishes death on Obama. Earlier this month, on August 17th, Broughton brought a loaded AR-15 to Obama’s health-care town hall meeting in Phoenix, Arizona (He carries guns around for self defense apparently). His fundamentalist pastor, Steven Anderson, prayed for Obama to die and go to hell, and Broughton completely agrees.

Below is  the video of Anderson’s infamous August 16th sermon:

Broughton concurred with the sermon, because Obama is “destroying our country”. He further said that he’d like to see Obama “deader than a doorknob”:

It would be good for the country if he were to go sooner than later. However it happens, I’m going be happy that it happens. I’m gonna be a happy man…I would rejoice.

When a reporter asked him if he was advocating violence against the President, he responded, “I’m not going to answer that question directly.” While he dodged the question, it is obvious that Broughton is advocating violence against the President. Bringing a loaded AR-15 to an Obama health-care rally shows violent intent. Wishing for someone’s death is violent. Violence is a continuum and although he may not have committed any violent acts to the President, he certainly is guilty of many violent thoughts.

This is absolutely sickening and infuriating, especially since Anderson and Broughton are using a religious platform to advocate for Obama’s death. It is okay if you disagree with Obama’s policies and politics, but do you really have to take it to the extreme and preach hate and wish/pray for his death?



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