Sexy reading

1 10 2009

Here are some good resources for people who are interested in sex, sexual politics, comprehensive sex education, or being a sex educator a sex therapist.


Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Sex and Science by Mary Roach

Slut! Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation by Leora Tanenbaum

Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex by Judith Levine

America’s War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty (Sex, Love and Psychology) by Marty Klein

Cunt: A Declaration of Independence by Inga Muscio

Sperm Wars: Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom Battles by Robin Baker

The Guide to Getting It On by Paul Joannides

Pornified: How Porn is Damaging Our Lives, Our Relationships and Our Families by Pamela Paul


Adult Video News

Carnal Nation

Feel free to add any other suggestions by leaving a comment!

Have you seen the Midwest Teen Sex Show?

30 09 2009

The Midwest Teen Sex Show is a sex positive, comprehensive, funny and entertaining sex educational show that I just learned about tonight in a Sexuality Education workshop.

From the About section of their website:

Teens and sex. It happens. Not every teen is having sex and not every teen is abstaining. We hope the Midwest Teen Sex Show will create a space for frank discussion of all things related to teen sexuality. Broadcast media shies away from any real exploration of the topic, and they forget that not all teens live in Orange County.

…we like to call it sex information. We’ll leave the formal education to classrooms and textbooks. Midwest Teen Sex Show is here to provide sex information in a clear and entertaining way. We won’t pretend to be experts, but hopefully a few of our own embarrassing experiences and insights will keep you out of trouble.

Episodes can be viewed for free online and are released once a month and cover a range of topics including Condoms, Oral Sex, Orgasms, Female Masturbation and Abstinence. The Midwest Teen Sex Show just got a spot on Comedy Central though, so you can start watching it on television as opposed to online soon.

For a taste, here is Episode 18, Fetishes:

What’s scarier than a clown itself? A clown that teaches ab-only sex ed.

27 08 2009

Needless to say, abstinence-only sex ed is proven ineffective. Not only does ab-only sex ed eliminate a lot of (slash all) important truthful information about safe sex: using contraception (condoms, birth control, etc.), but it also is highly moralizing (who are you to tell me what choices I should make concerning my body and my sexuality?), slut-shaming and heterosexist by alienating the LGBTQ population. Ab-only sex ed relies on false facts (which are essentially lies), scare tactics, and the reinforcement of patriarchal gender roles. Furthermore, countless studies have proven that students of ab-only sex ed don’t have decreased rates of pregnancy, HIV and STIs. The research shows that after receiving ab-only sex ed, people are less likely to use contraceptives when having sex.

The latest in ab-only sex ed epic fails: clowns teaching sex ed. Elizabeth’s New Life Center in Ohio employs Derek the Abstinence Clown to go around to middle schools teaching them that having sex before marriage is “just like juggling machetes!” (yes, what an apt comparison) and “will destroy all your life’s dreams!” Seriously, this is what our tax dollars are funding?! Clowns using ridiculously absurd scare tactics to tell kids not to have sex until they’re married?! Sigh…just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

And then, over at Feministe I saw Operation Keepsake’s Are you a treasure or a target? quiz. Operation Keepsake is one of Ohio’s highest funded ab-only sex ed proponents and providers. And the quiz questions? Absolutely ridiculous, as expected. One of the questions is:

Your crush asks you out.  He seems really nice but you’re not sure he values waiting to have sex until marriage like you do.  You:
a. Ask him straight up.
b. Go with the flow-it will come up sooner or later.
c. Assume he’s a good guy. I mean, he’s cute and dresses well.

Who would ask someone right after they’ve asked you out, “Do you value waiting to have sex until marriage too?” Seriously, come on!! More evidence that ab-only sex ed is waaaaaaay out of touch with reality.

And then when you’re done answering all the questions and add up your score, you will see that if you are a treasure, then:

You know who you are, what you believe, and where you want to go in life.  When it comes to guys, you value yourself and your future too much for random hook-ups.  Besides, it takes time and some investigation to find out what someone is really all about.  And, while you appreciate looking good, you know that if a guy wants to be with you simply because you look hot, that could be trouble down the road.  Our advice: continue respecting yourself!  You’ll build healthier relationships if you do.

Such slut-shaming language. Only girls who don’t have sex until they get married “know who they are, what they believe, and where they want to go in life” (because having sex before marriage will ruin all your future career and life aspirations!) Meanwhile girls who have sex before marriage don’t respect themselves and don’t build healthier relationships. Ab-only sex ed doesn’t teach about healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, communication and mutual consent. It just reiterates over and over again, DON’T HAVE SEX! JUST DON’T DO IT!

But I digress…If  you’re a Danger Zone, then:

You value yourself, but when you’re in tough situations you have a difficult time speaking up for the things you value.  You get scared that your friends or your guy will think you’re stupid, so you don’t speak up.  It’s normal to feel scared, but if you want to be a leader instead of a follower you’ve got to practice speaking up and doing the right thing.  You may get laughed at for the moment, but in the long run you’ll be better off.

If you’re a target, then:

You make decisions based on what others think instead of what is best and healthiest for you.  It’s not a big deal when it comes to picking simple things like shoes, but when it comes to major decisions-like who you date-you could be in a lot of trouble.  If you want to be truly respected and valued for the real you, then you’ve got to know what makes you truly valuable.  Hint:  It’s more than your body, your looks, the friends you hang with, and the guys you date.  If you don’t know what really makes you valuable, then why would anyone else?

Aha. Of course. What makes you truly respectable and valuable is if you “save yourself” until marriage. Because you don’t want to just toss your “treasure” to just anyone; no it’s just too valuable and irreplaceable. Saying “…but when it comes to major decisions – like who you date – you could be in a lot of trouble” is fear-inducing, slut shaming, and victim blaming rhetoric.

Thank goodness President Obama is eliminating the federal funding for ab-only sex ed for the 2010 budget. But that doesn’t mean that this madness will just end, like it should. It will be up to the jurisdiction of state/local governments and whether or not the ab-only organizations can manage to stay afloat on their own.

I Heart Nicholas Kristof

24 08 2009

Nicholas Kristof frequently writes great pieces for the New York Times about different feminist issues in a global context. This weekend’s Times featured a pretty lengthy excerpt from a book called Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide written by him and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, a former Times correspondent, that will be published next month. The piece is called The Women’s Crusade and it is an engrossing read that left me eagerly anticipating the book’s release.

Kristof and WuDunn make several critical points. In the second paragraph, they make the point that in order to help a country, you must first help out and elevate the most marginalized of the population. In other words, you are only as strong as your weakest link:

The world is awakening to a powerful truth: Women and girls aren’t the problem; they’re the solution.

They go on to discuss how educating women and girls and providing them with microfinance opportunities are two simple ways to uplift the status of the female population for many countries worldwide. The piece is laden with personal stories that humanize gender oppression and the plight of many women and girls worldwide. Later on, Kristof and WuDunn write:

WHAT SHOULD we make of stories like Saima’s? Traditionally, the status of women was seen as a “soft” issue — worthy but marginal. We initially reflected that view ourselves in our work as journalists. We preferred to focus instead on the “serious” international issues, like trade disputes or arms proliferation.

The mainstream media consistently dismisses gender issues as not important enough and often casts them off to the side. This is why we seldom get coverage of women and gender related issues, like how thousands of infant girls die in China because their parents didn’t think it necessary to give them quality medical care or attention simply because they are female, or bride burnings in India which occur about once every two hours, or sex trafficking. Even in the New York Times, “All the news that’s fit to print”, doesn’t feature such stories.

Kristof and WuDunn also suggest realistic foreign-aid policies to help further women’s roles in economic and societal development, such as allocating $10 billion over five years to fund education for women and girls worldwide, sponsoring a global drive to eradicate iodine deficiency across the globe, allocating $1.6 billion over twelve years to eliminate obstetric fistula and a childbirth injury that affects many women in less wealthy countries.

Read the whole thing here.

Who is more man-hating? Feminists or non-feminists?

2 08 2009

The stereotype that all feminists hate men is such a ridiculous stereotype that I, along with many of my feminist friends, find it too silly to take seriously.  Researchers at the University of Houston in Texas recently conducted a study to determine whether feminists really hate men.  They interviewed 500 undergraduates using “The Ambivalence Towards Men Inventory”.

The results?  Feminists reported feeling less hostility towards men than non feminists.  So the stereotype that feminists hate men?  Not true, according to this study.  In fact, the opposite is true – non feminists are more man hating.


study 2

I don’t know how legitimate this study actually is, but it is pretty interesting.  H/t to the F Word.

Sunday Catch Up

26 07 2009

Here are a few things we missed:

This Is What Rape Culture Looks Like.

A woman walks into a rape, uh, bar…

New laws help domestic violence victims.

Human rights violations in U.K. jail.

Women and the Minimum Wage.

Women don’t ask for nasty voyeurism.


On Gendered Language.

On the word “transition”.

Perhaps Silverton is Not Completely Accepting of their Trans Mayor.

Banning Cesar Chavez: Whites “Sanitizing” US History Again.

Same crap, different day.

Marketing Asian Women to Anti-feminist Men.

When the Outside Looks Like the Inside.

Quick Hit: Healthy Teen Initiative amendment passed

25 07 2009

On Wednesday July 22nd, the US House Energy and Commerce Committee approved the Healthy Teen Initiative amendment to the proposed health care reform bill, Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009.  It passed 33 to 23.  Congresswoman Lois Capps (D-CA) introduced the Healthy Teen Initiative amendment, which supports comprehensive sex education by allocating $50 million dollars in state grant funding for “evidence-based education programs…to reduce teen pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.”  The grants are to be available to both public and private nonprofit programs, including ones presented in schools, community-based, and faith-based organizations.

President and CEO, Joseph DiNorcia, Jr. of the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) said:

It is far past time that we start addressing the challenges to health and well being of young people with programs that comprehensively address sexual health and behavior instead of with programs that are ideologically based or narrowly focused. Thanks to the leadership of the Energy and Commerce Committee, we are one step closer to achieving this goal.

Colleges and universities are legally responsible for preventing sexual assault

14 07 2009

I’ve blogged about sexual assault on college campuses and the need for comprehensive sexual assault policies that actually work and are implemented before (see here, here, here, here, here, and here for a taste), so here’s some relevant news.  The National Association of College and University Attorneys had a conference in Toronto recently and there was a panel discussion on campus sexual assault and harassment policies.

Maureen McClain, a panel member and a lawyer with a San Francisco law firm, warned that colleges and universities need to ensure that they have policies that are “as clear as possible and then…followed carefully” when dealing with sexual assault and harassment investigations.

The panel stressed that colleges and universities can legally be held accountable for failing to prevent sexual assault and harassment, and since having a good policy in place is a part of prevention, it’s necessary for institutions to have and follow a sexual assault and harassment policy.  It is also important for them to revisit and possibly even revise their policies yearly.

Monique DiCarlo, the sexual-misconduct-response coordinator at the University of Iowa, said:

It doesn’t mean completely redoing the system all the time, but listening to people who are using the policies to hear their concerns and make parts clearer.

Presenters at the conference stated that nationally judges may begin adopting a broader standard when ruling on lawsuits pertaining to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the federal law that prevents discrimination based on sex in education.  Judges are increasingly holding colleges liable for failing to prevent sexual assault and harassment on campus.

Colleges and universities need to create policies that are accessible, clear and specific to their campuses.  These policies are useless if students don’t know about them, so it’s important for institutions to make sure that students are aware of the policy and feel comfortable using them.  Furthermore,faculty and staff members need to be trained in responding to student allegations of sexual assault.

Sexual assault is the number one underreported crime on college campuses and we have quite a while to go before colleges and universities take sexual assault seriously and take proactive measures to prevent it from occurring.  Prevention can take many forms, and one way is to implement a clear and comprehensive sexual assault policy.

Wednesday Blogaround

24 06 2009

Keeping up with blogging during the summer isn’t an easy task. Here are some great reads on things we’ve missed:

Transgender federal employees will soon be protected from discrimination in the work place.

A piece from The New Yorker about the incompatibility of medicine and the “free market”.

The economic recession affects everyone, so “Don’t call it a ‘he-cession’“.

We can affirm the value of fathers but still support government structures that support diverse family arrangements of all kinds.

The latest on Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Trigger warning – physical assault and violence in the name of casting out the so-called homosexual demons.

Facebook and how it upholds and perpetuates the gender binary.

A very long overdue apology – Senate Apologizes for Slavery.

Check out the first part of a MoJo special on the Hidden Defense Budget.

If you ask the NYTimes, sex selection is culturally Asian.

WTF?!  No!!!  Harvard’s Office of Sexual Assault is closing for July.

Can we ever say a woman can’t choose?

Reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act

16 06 2009

The Child Nutrition Act needs to be reauthorized so that children at public schools across the nation will be fed healthy foods.  EVERY child deserves access to healthy foods, because health should be a right, not a privilege.

“We believe that federally funded nutrition programs should provide all children with the healthy food they deserve. This includes low fat and safe dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Schools should be soda and junk-food-free zones and serve food that complements and furthers parents’ efforts to feed their children healthfully.”

Please urge Congress to make healthy food a reality at all schools across the country. By signing the petition, you pledge to make healthy food a priority and are asking your representatives to do the same.

Sign the petition now.

Monday Blogaround

8 06 2009

Here’s what my feminist radar picked up today:

Harvard to Endow Chair in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies

Republicans Regain Control of New York State Senate

Back to the Future in Torture Policy

15-Year-Old Victim Will Not See Her Rapists Prosecuted

Can a Speech Change the World?

More Bellyachin’ about Sluts!

Pink Sheep Of The Family

To Whom You Are Accountable

Model Choi Jin-Sil sued – for being beaten

Frat Boy Culture, Gender Identity, and Rape

Systemic Racism in Banking: The Wells-Fargo Case

Hooray for Sarah Lawrence College!

6 06 2009

I read on the SAFER Blog that as of Monday June 1st, Sarah Lawrence College officially launched their new Sexual Assault and Harassment Policy!  Congratulations to the student activists who’ve been working so hard for the past few years to enact this positive change!  This is uplifting and inspiring news which is direly needed after hearing about the sicko who used Craigslist to arrange for his wife to be raped in front of him.  But back to the more celebratory news about Sarah Lawrence, these are the highlights of their new policy:

  • separate policies for faculty/staff and students that acknowledge the different nature of these two constituencies
  • redefinition of prohibited behaviors into three categories: sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault
  • clear and understandable language and format
  • an emphasis in the student policy on education, health, and safety
  • clear definition of “consent” in the student policy
  • simplified explanation of how to obtain support on and off campus
  • newly designed procedures for filing complaints that make the process easier to understand and navigate
  • clear designation of which faculty, administrative and staff positions are confidential reporters and which are non-confidential reporters
  • clear explanation for faculty/staff about what to do when they receive a report about sexual harassment, misconduct or assault from a student or a colleague
  • newly defined statement about relationships between students and employees
  • revised sanctions that are aligned with prohibited behaviors

Congratulations again to the dedicated student activists!!  Activist victories are always noteworthy and admirable.  Hopefully we will see good changes to Tufts’ Sexual Assault Policy soon too.

The M.R.S. Degree

1 06 2009
From the Ivy League to...marriage...?!!

From the Ivy League to...marriage...?!!

One of my best friends from high school is a phenomenal, intelligent young woman who goes to a prestigious Ivy League University. She recently switched majors (from Advertising to Business Management) and the other day she said to me that she actually didn’t really like the Business major so much.

So when I asked her why she switched to it, or if she’d consider switching out of it, she admitted that the main reason she switched majors was because in most Advertising majors were women and therefore she was mostly meeting and interacting with other women. However, Business Management is a more male dominated major and therefore she’d meet more men because there’d be more of them in her classes.

She said to me, “Come on, you know high school – there were like 5 boys. So I’m only doing Business so I can meet guys – not just in college but afterwards in the working world, I’ll be able to meet more men.” She didn’t need to say it explicitly, but we both knew that she was thinking about marriage. Or at least being in a steady, monogamous, heterosexual romantic relationship. She then mentioned something about her parents meeting right after college, when they worked at the same company, and how so many people meet their spouses in college or immediately afterwards in the workplace.

I remember reading an article in the New York Times a few years ago about women who went to college for the primary purpose of getting their M.R.S. degrees (read: to snag husbands) but I thought that this was/is just completely absurd! Back in the 1950s, women were incredibly pressured to get husbands at young ages, so getting married right after high school or college was perfectly normal. The dominant message that women got from society then was that their number one priority was to get married and have a family.

So the thought of a bright, intelligent and talented woman, in 2009, going to college to study something that didn’t even interest or engage her too much, expressly to try and meet a significant male other, especially a woman so close to me, was just completely ridiculous. Going to an Ivy League University can get you very far in life. It perplexes, saddens and angers me that my friend is not alone in aspiring for her M.R.S. Degree. After all, with shows like Sex and the City that make being single seem like a horrible nightmare and books like Find a Husband After 35: Using What I Learned from Harvard Business School, women are still pressured to get married…maybe not immediately after high school or college, but still before middle age.

Based on my observations, experiences and the experiences of others in my life, it definitely seems a lot more acceptable for men (young, middle-aged and older men) to be single than for women to be single. Single men tend to get more encouragement to remain single (“You’re a bachelor living the life!”) whereas single women are more likely to be asked directly or indirectly “Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”, “Where are you gonna meet a man?” or “When are you getting married?”

What are other people’s thoughts and comments?

The newest American Girl doll is a j00

30 05 2009

For those of you who aren’t familiar with American Girl, I’ll summarize.  American Girl is a collection of dolls, who all have an individual backstory and personality, and who are meant to help educate young girls about different significant historical periods.  Felicity was from the American Revolution, Kirsten was a Swedish immigrant from the 1850s, Addy was a run-away slave from the Civil War period, Samantha was Victorian-era, and Molly grew up during World War II; since I was little, they’ve added plenty of more historical dolls, and there are series of books about each one (including a book about the “holidays,” namely Christmas or similar).

The company also started releasing modern dolls, which could be personalized to look JUST like you (but in doll form, and they didn’t introduce curly hair for a while, those weirdos).  The clothing and accessories were modern, too.  I wanted one, but since I already had a doll (Kirsten, who, by the way, is the best), my parents wouldn’t buy me a second.  Boo.

One day, though, I was looking through the catalog, and I noticed that in the holiday section for the modern dolls, they now had a Chanukah outfit and accessories.  Maybe it was a sign that I would some day turn into a feminist or something, but I showed it to my parents and told them that it upset me.  “Why?” they asked.  “Because they’re only doing it just to look like they’re including Jewish people,” I said.  I pointed out how all of the accessories were ridiculously stereotypical (a dreidel and menorah), and the clothing was somewhat offensive; the clothing was white and blue, which I pointed out to my parents were the colors of the Israeli flag, but were only considered “Chanukah” colors because people think that if Christmas has colors, so do other, “Christmas-like” holidays.  I also didn’t understand why there was a Chanukah outfit, but nothing about the high holy days or Pesach.  My parents taught me the word “tokenism,” and I wrote a letter to the Pleasant Company, makers of the dolls, telling them that I, a young customer, was unhappy with the Chanukah outfit.

That’s right, folks.  I got offended over something as a KID that today would offend the crap out of me now.  This is really impressive, considering that when I was little, I wanted nothing more than to be a Disney Princess.  Go figure.

For the record, a couple catalog seasons later, and for the rest of the time we subscribed, there was no Chanukah outfit.

So, why is this relevant?  Well, meet Rebecca Rubin.  She’s the first Jewish American Girl doll!

My feelings are conflicted.  On the one hand, I still find it pretty insulting that the Pleasant Company has to make such a big deal out of their cultural dolls (they did the same thing with Addy, Kaya, and Josefina).  I also need to wait and see exactly how they handle the doll’s story: are they JUST going to talk about Chanukah?  Are they going to make a huge deal about explaining all of the Jewish culture and faith that’s in the story?  Essentially, is Rebecca Rubin going to be “Jewish immigration for dummies?” or is it going to exist as a way for Jewish American Girl fans to connect better to the franchise?

The one thing I hope I’ll appreciate is that part of the character’s story is dealing with Christmas being celebrated in public schools.  I still have trouble dealing with the pervasive nature of Christian commercial holidays.

This’ll be the first time I’ve read American Girl books in a million years, so once I actually get my hands on them and see what’s in them, I’ll be updating.  American Girl, which is pretty famous for selling merchandise that costs more than a solid gold toilet, is also famous for teaching young girls American (and American immigrant) history through the historical dolls.  The history is from the point of view of women and girls, which to me will always make the franchise somewhat positive, even if the commercial aspects drive me abso-positively nuts.

Friday Blogaround

29 05 2009

Happy Friday everyone!  Here are some must-reads:

Higher Ground, Not Common Ground by Merle Hoffman in On the Issues magazine:

As a person who feels that war should be the strategy of last resort, I still like to read military history. I find myself going back to the wisdom of Sun Tzu who wrote in “The Art of War” in the 6th century BC: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

As feminists who fight battles against those who would deny women’s freedom and equality, we know the mettle of our enemies. They are relentless, committed beyond secular principles, willing to look at things in the very long term, absolutely sure of their righteousness and totally determined.

They have one solid line, which they define and defend. Those who stand on their side are with the angels; those who stand on the other are misguided, at best, and sinners, at worst.

Educating Ourselves to Oblivion by William Astore:

Can there be any doubt that education matters not just in how we view the world, but in what kind of world we create — or simply accept? And can there be any doubt that, despite a massive educational infrastructure (admittedly now fraying badly), Americans remain remarkably poorly informed about the world? Last year, Rick Shenkman, the editor of the History News Network website, published a book (now out in paperback), Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth About the American Voter, excerpted at this site. Stupid enough (or ill-informed) was the answer.

Cheney’s Bunker Mentality by James Ridgeway:

Say what you will about Dick Cheney, at least he’s consistent. While he was in office, the Vice President made a practice of exploiting the fear and loss wrought by the 9/11 attacks to advance his own political agenda—and he’s still doing it now. During his speech at the American Enterprise Institute on Thursday, according to Dana Milbank’s calculations in the Washington Post, “Cheney used the word ‘attack’ 19 times, ‘danger’ and ‘threat’ six times apiece, and 9/11 an impressive 27 times.”

When Systems of Oppression Intersect: Mental Health and the Immigration System by Thea Lim:

Angry Asian Man reports on the story of Xiu Ping Jiang, a 35 year-old Chinese illegal immigrant diagnosed with a mental illness who has been stuck in immigration limbo for over a year.

Detainee Abuse: New Details Reported by Melissa McEwan:

[Strong trigger warning.]

My heart went into my throat as I read the headline in the Telegraph this morning: “Abu Ghraib abuse photos ‘show rape’: Photographs of alleged prisoner abuse which Barack Obama is attempting to censor include images of apparent rape and sexual abuse, it has emerged.”

Oh god. Oh god.

The images, according to the story, show one male American soldier raping a female prisoner, a male American translator raping a male prisoner, someone else forcibly removing a female prisoner’s clothes to expose her naked breasts, and other sexual assaults being committed on prisoners “with objects including a truncheon, wire, and a phosphorescent tube.”

Infant Formula Product Placement in Chemistry Matric Exam by Lauredhel:

School and university exam writers often invent scenarios. They play with made-up names for people, they dream up companies, they have fun devising original scenarios and puns to spice up their questions.

But what happens when they get bored doing that, or don’t have time, or when an alternative is shoved under their noses?

There is a national government Senior High school examination for 18-year-olds in the Netherlands. The chemistry exam is a 3 hour exam consisting of four questions, each with a series of sub-questions. This year’s exam has just taken place, on May 26. You can download and read the exam questions and the technical appendix.

Nine Simple Ways to Scare Your Date by Sarah.of.a.lesser.god:

There are several advantages to being a content singleton, one of which is not having to deal with first dates and the thorny path known as flirtation. But I finally decided to just learn to flirt, and decided to take some cues from Marie-Claire’s nine steps to flirting like a pro, provided by a guy named Neil Strauss (he likes to be considered the world’s greatest pick-up artist). I got some amazing results and learned some valuable lessons!

“Mild Mannered” Grandfather Stabs Cheating Wife by Renee:

That is the “gentle” face of an aggrieved man.  Seldom had a read about a more sympathetic person.   This poor sweet grandfather was happily looking forward to his golden years with his wife of  35 years, when he experienced a totally understandable “moment  of madness .”  Brian Gibbs has admitted to wounding with intent and was jailed for four-and-a-half years.



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