These are a few organizations at Tufts to get involved with, and some updates about their meetings. If there are any corrections or additions, let us know!

Queer Straight Alliance

The Queer Straight Alliance is a student organization to encourage dialogue and unity among straight, queer, gay, lesbian, bi, and trans students.  Meetings are at 9:00 PM on Mondays in Eaton 201.

Queer Students of Color and Allies

Queer Students of Color and Allies (QSOCA) meets Wednesday nights at 9:00 PM at the LGBT Center.

Tufts Feminist Alliance

The Tufts Feminist Alliance joins together to discuss feminism and plan events related to gender issues. TFA meets Wednesdays 10-11 PM in the Women’s Center.  Email for information on joining.

VOX (Voices for Choice)

VOX is a group concerned with sexual health and reproductive rights. The group is an affiliate of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. VOX is currently planning the annual Sex Fair! Email for information.

Women’s Center Student Governing Board

The Student Governing Board usually meets every other Wednesday evening. Email or

PACT (Prevention, Awareness, and Community at Tufts)

PACT is concerned with issues of health and well-being on our campus. The group is divided into subsections based on specific topics of interest: mental health, sexual violence, and drugs/alcohol. The overall PACT group meets Mondays during open block at the Women’s Center. The subgroups meet at separate times. For more information email


Mujeres is a social network group for Latina women and those interested in Latino culture.  Meetings are at 10:00 PM on Thursdays in the Latino Center.  Contact

Black Women’s Collective

The Black Women’s Collective was established by the Africana Center as a weekly forum for students to discuss and share information about issues that affect the lives of black women. In addition to weekly forums, the Black Women’s Collective conducts a wide variety of social programming and community service activities to promote bonding and unity among women of color on campus. Meetings are Sundays at 3:30 PM at the Capen House (8 Professors Row). Contact

Queer Women’s Group

A group for gay, bi, trans, queer, and questioning women at Tufts. The group meets from 2:00-3:30 PM every Friday at the LGBT center.

Queer Men’s Group

The Queer Men’s Group meets every Friday 4:30-6:30 at the LGBT center. Gay, bi, trans, queer, and questioning men are invited for snacks and discussion.

The Tufts Class Project

This is more of a project than an organization.  The TCU Senate and the Tisch College is collaborating through artwork, presentations, and discussion to examine issues of socioeconomic class in the Tufts community.

 Visit for more information.

Eating Concerns and Body Image Group

The group is a supportive and confidential forum to discuss how to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body. This group will meet on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:45pm.  Contact Alice Clark, Ph.D. at 617-661-1188 or

Sacred Circle for Women

I just found this group of TuftsLife and it looks so so awesome!  The groups seeks to explore feminine spirituality, celebrate feminine aspects of the Divine, and connect to whatever higher source you believe in by any name.  This is a circle without religious bounds that invites all women to find sacred space and spiritual community.  There are three more meetings this semester.  The group will meet from 7-8 PM In the Interfaith Center on 3/11/09, 4/08/09, and 5/06/09.

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